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Coming October 24-25, 2018 to inStem, Bangalore, Karnataka:

Gene Drive: Mechanism and Applications

The Tata Institute for Genetics and Society Inaugural Symposium

The Tata Institute for Genetics and Society (TIGS) Inaugural Symposium will serve as a venue to bring together some of the top international scientists in the fields of Active Genetics and CRISPR-based applications to share experiences and discuss strategies for ongoing research aimed at improving human health and agriculture. The symposium will be held October 24-25, 2018, at the Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine (inStem) on the Bangalore Life Sciences Cluster Campus in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. Speakers and attendees will represent molecular biology, entomology, public health, community engagement, public policy and regulatory fields. The use of CRISPR-based technologies for combatting vector-borne diseases will be a focus of the meeting. The TIGS Inaugural Symposium is unique in that it focuses on cutting edge technology that is only six years old with huge potential for transformational positive impact on human health, agriculture and the environment, and will be the first meeting of its kind in India.

New! Fellowship Opportunities for BS/MS Students

Working in the Area of Active Genetics

TIGS-UC San Diego would like to announce an exciting opportunity for BS/MS students at UC San Diego who wish to pursue research projects in the area of Active Genetics. A one-time $5,000 fellowship will be awarded at the beginning of the Fall 2018 quarter to up to 10 students/year who apply by providing the following application materials: 1) A statement of purpose explaining interest in the field of Active Genetics; 2) A letter of recommendation from a BS/MS advisor who will serve as a mentor while the student is pursuing the Active Genetics project; 3) A description of the project proposal to be provided jointly by the student and their mentor.

All application materials should be submitted via email to no later than September 1, 2018 for review by the TIGS Executive Committee. The applicants must be either current MS students or accepted into the MS part of the program in Fall 2018.

Awardees will be expected to (i) attend the monthly Active Genetics meetings, (ii) present their work at the Annual Undergraduate Research Showcase and (iii) acknowledge the support of TIGS in their BS/MS thesis, public presentations and publications that arise from their work. 

Gene-drives and Active Genetics: A Henry Stewart Talks Series Organized by Professor Ethan Bier

  • Seven lecture Henry Stewart Talks series available here (subscription required) The series features: Professor Ethan Bier (UC San Diego): Gene Drives and Their Implications for Health and Society; Dr. Anthony James (UC Irvine): Population Modification of Malaria Vector Mosquitoes; Professor Ethan Bier (UC San Diego): The Dawn of Active Genetics; Professor Craig Montell (UC Santa Barbara): Suppressing Mosquito Disease Vectors Via Manipulating Fertility, Sex and Male-Courtship Drive; Professor Gregory Lanzaro (UC Davis): Ecological Considerations for Gene Drive Systems; Professors Fred Gould and Alun Lloyd (North Carolina State University): Gene Drive Behavior When Pest Populations Have Age, Mating and Spatial Structure; Professor Stephanie James (Foundation for the National Institutes of Health): Guidance for Responsible Testing and Implementation of Gene-drive Systems; and Professor Cinnamon Bloss (UC San Diego): Public Response to a Proposed Field Trial of Genetically Engineered Mosquitoes in the United States -- A Case Study

Tata Institute for Genetics and Society Advances with Building Naming, Inaugural Chair Holders

Active Genetics Goes Global

  • UC San Diego News Feature: Tata Trusts & University of California San Diego partner to establish Tata Institute for Active Genetics and Society

India's Tata gives UC San Diego $70M in hot area of genetics