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New! Gene-drives and Active Genetics: A Henry Stewart Talks Series Organized by Professor Ethan Bier

  • Seven lecture Henry Stewart Talks series available here (subscription required) The series features: Professor Ethan Bier (UC San Diego): Gene Drives and Their Implications for Health and Society; Dr. Anthony James (UC Irvine): Population Modification of Malaria Vector Mosquitoes; Professor Ethan Bier (UC San Diego): The Dawn of Active Genetics; Professor Craig Montell (UC Santa Barbara): Suppressing Mosquito Disease Vectors Via Manipulating Fertility, Sex and Male-Courtship Drive; Professor Gregory Lanzaro (UC Davis): Ecological Considerations for Gene Drive Systems; Professors Fred Gould and Alun Lloyd (North Carolina State University): Gene Drive Behavior When Pest Populations Have Age, Mating and Spatial Structure; Professor Stephanie James (Foundation for the National Institutes of Health): Guidance for Responsible Testing and Implementation of Gene-drive Systems; and Professor Cinnamon Bloss (UC San Diego): Public Response to a Proposed Field Trial of Genetically Engineered Mosquitoes in the United States -- A Case Study

Tata Institute for Genetics and Society Advances with Building Naming, Inaugural Chair Holders

Active Genetics Goes Global

  • UC San Diego News Feature: Tata Trusts & University of California San Diego partner to establish Tata Institute for Active Genetics and Society

India's Tata gives UC San Diego $70M in hot area of genetics